Sunday, January 4, 2015

WW3: Day 1

So, my mister and I have taken on a new endurance challenge that a lot of our friends are doing.  They talked us into doing this crazy awesome challenge.  A local running and tri store has posed this challenge apparently twice before, but we had never heard of it.  This challenge is called What's Your Wall? 3 (WW3).  The premise of this challenge is to commit to a distance and run that distance every day for 1 week.  Like, 7 consecutive days.  Meaning, no rest days.  Hence, the challenge.  Also, the additional challenge of it being winter is added in, so of course we signed up and we're off!

I signed up for the 10K distance, so my challenge is to do 6.2 miles every day from today (Sunday) through Saturday.  Of course, Mr. Marathon had to do the highest mileage possible.  He selected the 15 mile challenge.  Yikes!

Today was Day 1.  It was a yucky, gray, slightly rainy, but not too cold morning.  Hubbs set his alarm for waaaaaaay too early during Christmas break to get a head start on his 15 miler.  Because I'm only signed up for the 10K distance, I couldn't keep up with him anyhow.  Also, we like to meet up with our running posse on Sunday mornings, so instead of making them run 15 miles with him, he just ran to meet us.  And then kept on running....!  So we kept on running with him.  After leaving our house, he ran to the trail where we usually run, which was 8.4 miles down, then he just jumped right in on the trail to finish up the next 6.6, no break, no stop, no nothing!  As a matter of fact, one of the other running friends didn't want to hold him back, so of course he ran harder and stepped up his game.  It is a challenge, after all, right???  Right!

Mr.: Day 1
Mrs.: Day 1
Anyway, 1 down, 6 to go.  Stay tuned for (hopefully) daily updates!

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