Tuesday, January 6, 2015

WW3 Day 3:
The Day Everything Went Wrong

Ok, so everything didn't go wrong.  My title is a bit dramatic.  I'll start this post off with a positive note and tell you what went right:

  1.  We finished.

Now that that's over, let me tell you what went wrong in my third 6.2-mile run of the week.

A little motivation... all true about this run
except for the "early" part
  1. As I was packing my stuff this morning, I was rushing a little bit.  That being said, this afternoon after work when I changed, I realized that I had grabbed my tights, two jackets, a compression shirt, socks, shoes, and a pair of compression shorts.  That pair of compression shorts though, I didn't need.  I don't wear compressions with my tights.  However, the reason I'm telling you this is because those compressions in my rushed morning preparations, I thought were my sports bra.  So, I didn't have a sports bra.  Runner chicks, you know how it is.  This piece of running attire is very important, regardless of chest size.  Running without the proper garment in that area is very difficult.  I didn't realize that it would bother me as much as it did.  Between the girls not being properly contained and it being cold and bothering my asthma, my chest was starting to get really tight and achy.  But enough about my boobs.
  2. After realizing that I had forgotten my sports bra while changing before my run, I was confused about the amount of moisture on some of my clothes.  Apparently, my water bottle that I must run with at all times had been slowly leaking all day into my running bag.  Most of my clothes were slightly damp, which in the cold is really not the best idea, but I could deal.  The part that upset me was that my headband that covers my ears up and keeps them toasty warm that I have to wear in temperatures below 50 degrees was DRENCHED.  No possibility of drying it off.  Soaked.  Unwearable.  Bright side!  I had my ear buds that I stuffed into my ears which kept some of the bitter cold wind out of my ears.  But enough about my ears.
  3. As I mentioned, my water bottle leaked.  It also got the strap soaked, so I couldn't carry my water bottle with me unless I wanted my hand to turn into a handsicle.  I always like to have my water bottle with me because I am a mouth breather, so having water to wet my whistle is important.  Also, I keep my inhaler in the little pocket.  So I was lost without it.  But enough about my unnatural attachment to my water bottle.
  4. It was COLD.  That is all.

Enough about my drama.  Hubbs had his 15 mile run, and he headed out after work (he gets out an hour or so earlier than me), so he was out on the trail a little bit before me.  He was trying to be helpful after completing his run on his own, but he wanted to see me so he did 2 extra miles that caused him to feel like he was about to die.  He felt like he was going to freeze or starve, but he didn't know what would happen first.  He finally saw me with a half mile to go, and he limped all the way to his car to bundle up and relax!

Despite the problems, we did it.  And I guess we still love to run.  Or something like that.  3 down, 4 to go.  Almost halfway!

Mr: 15 miles, 1:54:43
Mrs: 6.21, 1:08:43

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