Thursday, January 8, 2015

WW3 Day 5:
Things Are About to Get Deep

We're over halfway through the What's Your Wall? challenge.  It's all downhill from here.  Except when we run tomorrow and Saturday.  We'll probably hit an uphill then.  But then we'll get to go downhill too, I'm sure.

Love me some Mean Girls... it really helped pass the time!
Today's run was much better for me.  I still had to hit the treadmill, since the windchill was so low and I'm a pansy.  I was dreading running on the treadmill today.  As I got in my car after work to head out for my run, I noticed in my running bag, I forgot my running shoes.  The most important part of a run, and I forgot.  I was angry about forgetting, and having to drive all the way back home then all the way back.  I was getting very irritated about the whole thing.  And then, halfway home, my gas light came on.  I'm very obsessive, so I wanted to get home and get my shoes, but I realized that I needed to stop for gas before I ran out.  I made it to the gas station near my house, then I paused.  This is where things start to get deep.  Today I was afraid of running out of gas in my car, but I was also afraid of running out gas physically and emotionally.  This week has been long, challenging, and tiring.  So as I pumped my gas, I reflected on the fact that we have already completed over half of this challenge.  We are rocking it out, and getting it done.  Mr. Marathon is running in the cold, and I am running on a treadmill-- both things we're not exactly fans of, but we're doing it.  So I filled up my literal and figurative gas tank, went home, got my shoes, returned to the treadmill, and conquered it, with the help of Netflix and Mean Girls.

Action treadmill selfie!  Sorry it's blurry.
I tried.
Post run selfie!

Hubbs conquered his chilly run today with about 15 pounds of layered clothing, limited foot pain (yay!) and only moderate knee pain, with a touch of back pain.  Nothing too bad to ruin his run.  He just keeps saying he's getting old... riiiiiiight.

5 down, 2 to go.  Only 2 more runs and we have successfully completed the What's Your Wall? challenge!!!!!!!!!  And what's the great thing about this, you ask?  We get to have our very own bricks!  You know, like the ones you build houses with.  Yeah, pretty badass huh?  But we're probably not going to build a house with them...  We also get a pretty cool jacket.  Be jealous.
Mr: 15 miles, 2:11:29

Mrs: 6.204 miles, 1:06

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