Friday, January 9, 2015

WW3 Day 6: Almost There!

Action selfie!
Well, folks, we're almost there.  WW3 is coming to a close, with our final run tomorrow.

Day 6!
Today's run was much much better for me.  The temperature was way up today compared to Wednesday and Thursday, so I knew I would get to go back outside where I belong!  I was excited to get back outside and I was feeling good after my refueling run yesterday, so I made super extra sure that I had all my stuff packed: layered clothes, shoes, gloves, SHOES, watch, all that good stuff.  I was looking forward to my run all day long!  Nothing was stopping me!  Then, this afternoon, I suffered from a random nosebleed.  I have never gotten a nosebleed ever, so this afternoon it really took me by surprise.  (If this is TMI, sorry.... but come on, you should expect this by now!)  I was really scared to run after this happened, because I didn't want to cause it to start bleeding again.  But I was still excited to run outside again, so I braved the elements and took off.  I kept slowing down during the first half of my run because my nose kept running and I started panicking, thinking my nose had started bleeding again.  But, it was just boogers!  Wait, that's still gross.  Sorry not sorry! Moving on, though, my run was a million times better than my treadmill runs, and I felt really good after finishing, which was very nice this close to the end of the week.

Mr. Marathon decided to take extra precautions since the past few runs he has had, he has finished up completely starving.  He decided that today he was going to stuff himself throughout the day, but with good stuff.  So as he took off this afternoon for his 6th 15-miler (!!!!!!), he felt a little unsure of his run.  He was stuffed full of good food, but mentally not prepared.  He couldn't figure out what course to run, so he settled for 3 mile repeats, which was five 3-mile laps.  He just kept counting down, and while counting down, he just kept telling himself, One more run after this, and you will be DONE!  That's what got him through today-- thinking about the sense of accomplishment he is going to feel after tomorrow.  He has told me that tomorrow will be one of the best runs, but it's also going to be one of the hardest runs physically.  He made a good point that emotionally it will be a huge relief to be done, but our muscles, joints, and bones have been pushed to their limits.  So, check back tomorrow to see how we're feeling...

6 down, 1 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then, recovery time!

For now, enjoy some pictures chronicling today's run:

It was a gorgeous afternoon!

The creek along the trail was still frozen a bit.  Brr!

We saw other fellow WW3 runners.
These guys are doing the 10 mile distance.

Hubbs was on top of the bridge overlooking the trail,
taking paparazzi pictures of me!

Mrs: 6.2 miles, 1:07:51

Mr: 15 miles, 2:01:50

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