Monday, September 1, 2014

Sweet 16.... Minus 1, Plus 1 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Saturday was the day I had been dreading for 8 weeks.  I have been semi-secretly working on a semi-secret mission for 8 looooong weeks and 161 looooong miles.  I haven't wanted to announce it.  I haven't wanted to jinx it.  I haven't wanted to embarrass myself.  I haven't wanted people to think I am any crazier than they already do.  But now, I am starting Week 9, which is the halfway mark, so it's about time to make this known.  I, Elizabeth Garcia, am training for a marathon.  Like, 26.2 miles of crazy.  Like for real for real, a full marathon.  I have had this goal in the back of my mind since a year and a half ago.  But something has always come up.  This time, I have decided that no matter the excuses I can come up with (including my new-found asthma), I am going to run this marathon.  No matter how slow I have to go.  Which marathon?  I'm glad you asked.  The Savannah Rock and Roll in November is the race I have selected for my first.  Wish me luck!
November 8, 2014!

Now that this grand announcement is out of the way, I can tell you about my weekend.  This weekend was a busy one!  Labor Day is always a fun weekend for me because Mr. Marathon and I usually are both off and ready to relax.  This year, we were both off, but we hardly had time to relax!  We got to visit with our trusty 4-legged companion (the dog we get to dog-sit when his humans are out of town) starting on Friday.  Saturday was the day I had been dreading for 8 weeks.  I had my longest run to date scheduled for week 8 of my training plan-- a 15 miler.  I have been slugging through 10 and 12 milers, but I had yet to break the 13.1 mark... until Saturday.  And I did it!  Slowly and painfully, I made it through.  Completing this 15 miler really gave me hope that I can do it.  I have 9 more weeks of training to make it through, but knowing that I can go farther than I have before really encourages me!  I feel like I actually can do a marathon.  I know that 15 miles isn't quite 26.2, but I still have 9 weeks to build up to it!

We saw a tiny turtle on the trail

Mr. Marathon and Slits were enjoying themselves

We look a mess!  Ok, well I do.
We celebrated our 15.02 mile, 3 hour and 34 minute run
with Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits!  Yum!

Still smiling :) 
For dinner that night to refuel, we had a delicious
corn salsa and chicken pizza!

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