Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Real Sweet 16

Ok, so this past weekend was super busy and this week took off without me.  I had a lot to blog about but I kept putting it off.  Sorry!

Anyway, over the weekend I took my for real 16 mile run, despite the misleading alliteration from a previous week's post (Sweet 16 Minus 1 Plus 1 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!).  On Saturday, we set out on our separate routes-- my 16 miler and Mr. Marathon's undetermined distance, at his faster pace.  The trail that we like to run on, the Dick and Willie, is 9 miles round trip, so my plan of action was to run it once the full length then go back to do 7 more.  This was nice because I got to take a pit stop at the car and refill my water bottle and eat a PB&J that I had stashed for a mid-run picnic.  It was not nice because going out on the trail is a lot of uphill, but then coming back is obviously downhill, and after already doing over half of my run, I really did not want to go back up those hills.  But despite my slow pace and some persistent rain for the first 14 miles, I managed.  I thought I was not alive anymore around mile 14.5, but turns out, I was!  Mr. Marathon being the show-off that he is ended up doing 20, with the first 12 at his pace, then the last part with me.  Even though we were moving slow, we did it!

Then on Sunday, we met with our new running friends.  We have been running with this little posse for a couple of months now on Sunday mornings and it is so nice to have somebody to run with!  I got left in the dust this Sunday because of the day before... you know... when I ran 16 miles.... which is officially the longest I've run???? (until this weekend.... gulp!)  Anyway, I only managed 4, but the group was so sweet to run with me my 4 and then they took off on their remaining 6.

Part of the Sunday morning posse
So let me back up real quick and break this down for you.  Over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) we ran A LOT.  I'm an elementary school teacher, so I have to show my work to prove it:

Mrs. Marathon did 16 miles on Saturday, then 4 more miles on Sunday.  How many miles did she run altogether this weekend? 16+4=20
Mr. Marathon did 20 miles on Saturday, then 10 more miles on Sunday.  How many miles did he run altogether this weekend? 20+10=30

How many miles did Mr. and Mrs. Marathon run combined?  20+30=50

Yeah, we're awesome.  Deal with it.

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