Sunday, August 24, 2014

Motivation Monday.... A Little Early

This picture is from last week, not this past weekend.
Sorry we didn't take any pictures of our 12 miler.

So, this post is entitled Motivation Monday.  However, I am writing this today, Sunday.  And the events that are discussed in this post occurred on Saturday.  Totally confusing, but also irrelevant.  I just wanted an alliterative title.  Sorry, but accuracy must be sacrificed for the art of blogging.

Anyway, Mr. Marathon had typed up a whole big long post yesterday intended for Facebook, for the MHC Inspire page, which is the page for the local triathletes, runners, cyclists, etc. but I said, "WAIT.  THAT WILL MAKE AN AWESOME BLOG POST."  So he waited.  And here it is:

"So I have been in a bit of a slump lately (since last week), it's been hard to get out and run since I have been sick. But the thing that started it was my marathon training plan, that I started last week! However today me and Elizabeth did a 12 miler! And I got to see a lot of people from our area that were out and about! That made me feel extra good, because of how hard they were working! It made me realize that I too can work hard, and that I may fall off my path but the important part is that as long as I get up and get going again I'll be ok. I wanted to thank all the people that decided to go out and exercise this morning, because you made a difference in my life and in my training!"

Again, this picture is from last week.  Sorry. :(
I thought that this post was so amazing.  He has been in a slump due to his breathing, followed by illness, and thrown in the mix here is a new job, and new classes starting up.  Despite everything being overwhelming, he was excited to start his new training plan.  However, the plan only lasted three days in full force.  And in those three days, he was already feeling the effects of just about everything hitting him at once.  I was no help either, due to a new school year starting and I got sick too!  Oh, and last week, we attempted a 10 miler, which went horribly, terribly wrong.  We thought we should sleep in, be well-rested and ready to go by 1 in the afternoon, thinking that 80 degrees isn't THAT hot.  Psych!  It was!  We got overheated, dehydrated, and overall defeated.  But stepping out on an ambitious 12 miler yesterday, and then seeing all of our fellow MHC Inspire folks out doing the same, AND having my dad join us for 10 of those miles (THE LONGEST HE HAS EVER RUN WHAAAAAT) really made us feel the motivation come back.  Now, we just have to hold on to it for dear life for the next couple of months for something BIG we have coming up...!  But for now, that's our secret!  Mr. Marathon wants to stick to his training plan now that he has found one, and he plans to use one for the very first time!  We'll keep you updated on how well that works.  Wish us luck!  Or send us some words of encouragement.  Or both!!!

Speaking of training plans, we've also recently become involved in a Run for God program at a local church.  Friends of ours are heading up the program, and we're helping in any way we can.  This program is going to begin in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be awesome!

Want to try something new?  Well how about trying it with GOD! Have a spiritual connection with yourself and others, and then connect with yourself with exercise that's only as challenging as you want it to be!

If you are interested in registering for this program, registration will be Tuesday night from 5-7 PM at the Martinsville YMCA and also the day of the first meeting (September 8 at 6 @ the Y), so come on out!!!!!

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