Sunday, October 7, 2012

Victory! Triumph! Chocolate Chip Bagels!

Yesterday was a day to remember for me.  I, Mrs. Marathon, had the most successful race to date.  I ran the Star City Women's 5K in Roanoke, Virginia.  Let me just say, this race was super friendly and super organized.  It was beautiful weather and a marvelous course to run on (it ended on a long, steady downhill!). A couple of weeks ago, I had run 3 miles in 28 minutes 59 seconds.  This 5K was my moment of truth:  Could I really do 3.1 miles in under 30 minutes in an actual race?  The answer: YES I CAN.  I finished in 29:14!!!!!!!  I was so stoked that I managed to finish in my goal time.  Not only did I meet my goal, but I also got a medal and a flower at the finish line (I broke the flower in all my excitement, but they gave me another one... see why I say they were super friendly?!?).  And that's not all!!  I also took second place in the 18-22 age group!  SO I GOT A TROPHY!  My first running trophy EVER!!!!!!!  YAY!!!  Oh, and to top it all off:  among the healthy post-race snacks like bananas, apples, peanut butter, and grapes, I saw some bagels.  I love bagels, but not the plain ones.  They are boring.  So I grabbed what I thought was a cinnamon raisin bagel.  I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that what I thought were raisins were actually CHUNKS OF CHOCOLATE.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, so needless to say, I was ecstatic.

As for my mileage for the month, I am currently at 10.1 miles for the month of October, so I have to keep it up to meet my 60 mile goal!  As for Mr. Marathon, he is preparing for his 50K this upcoming Saturday (10-13).  Wish him luck!

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