Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow is November???

October is (almost) officially over, and November is upon us.  Here are our totals for the month of October:
Mrs. Marathon: 60.309 miles, which means that I just barely met my 60 mile goal.
Mr. Marathon: 102.15 miles, which is TOTALLY AWESOME considering the many obstacles that led to him taking 14 rest days throughout the month for various reasons (cold weather, rain, darkness, sickness, sore knees, sore ankles, a Nascar race, cramps, etc.)

We are both very happy with our total mileage for the month, and for next month, we have decided that we are not going to set mileage goals.  Now that it is getting colder and the days are becoming shorter, we have to run whenever we can for however long we can.  We have some big races coming up so whatever training we can get is very important at this point.  In November, we are running our first 15K on the 3rd (this Saturday!!), and we are also traveling to Richmond, VA, on the 10th for Mr. Marathon's marathon and my 8K.  There are a couple of others that we might consider, weather permitting (Mr. Marathon doesn't like the cold!).

Also, we have recently made race bib holders to show off all of our bibs, instead of just shoving them in a folder or throwing them away.  This way, we can cherish our successes and stay motivated for our future successes!  Oh, and Happy Halloweeeeen!

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