Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apple Dumpling Festival 5K

Mr. Marathon and I had a bunch of fall fun yesterday!  We got to run in the Apple Dumpling Festival 5K in Stuart, VA.  It was a fun little race, with an awesome festival right after.  It was perfect weather for a run yesterday for me, so I loved every minute of it!  Mr. Marathon, on the other hand, was about to freeze.  I finished at an acceptable time of 30:21, which landed me at third place in the 20-29 age group.  And I actually beat three other people!  I am moving on up!  Mr. Marathon finished in 19:49, so he finished second overall!  To top it all off, the awards were (fake) apples (you see me modeling our prizes in the photo... the larger one is obviously Mr. Marathon's but he let me hold it).  We had a great time yesterday, and of course we ate some apple dumplings at the festival (which are like little apple pie kind of things... delicious!!!!!) and bought some jellies and then headed to the Go Outside Festival in Roanoke, VA, after driving through the Blue Ridge Parkway to see some scenic fall foliage.

And now, our monthly update:
Mrs. Marathon: 35.209 out of 60 miles
Mr. Marathon: 69.54 out of 150 miles

We have a lot of running to do in order to meet our goals for the month in the next 10 days!!!

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