Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Light Up the Night 5K and Announcement-that-everybody-already-knows #2

This past Saturday night was one of the most exciting races Martinsville and Henry County puts on! The Light Up the Night 5K! This race benefits Girls on the Run and STRIDE, and as you know my mister and I have been coaches for these programs. Obviously we are supporters of these programs and what they stand for. We both had changes in jobs and school, so neither of us were able to coach this season. Regardless, Mr. Marathon decided to come out and support the cause and run this great race, which ended up being Miles in Martinsville's BIGGEST race to date with well over 500 people! That is so exciting to have so much support from the community for these wonderful programs! Teams were present from not only within Martinsville and Henry County, but it has spread to other surrounding counties as well! WOW!!!! So Mr. Marathon enjoyed the run and ended up placing 2nd overall with a NEW PR OF 18:17 WHAT IN THE WORLD OMG!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so that was really weird but it does express my excitement for him!!! YAY!
Flying in to the finish!
2nd place overall! 
And I feel the need to answer this question publicly because I was asked this so many times: Why didn't I run?
Unfortunately, I haven't been doing speed workouts or enough hill workouts to conquer that course. I have been focusing on distance, mainly. I did go out and volunteer, though. Oh, and I was sick the entire week before. Oh, and although I was sick I had to do my 7 mile training run Saturday morning before the race. But I was so happy to still be a part of this event. Maybe next time! :)

So on to the second part of this post: Announcement-that-everybody-already-knows #2. We meant to make this a big grand blog post, but we needed to go ahead and begin advertising on Facebook before we got around to blogging about it, so our here is the post that was supposed to announce it.

Mr. and Mrs. Marathon invite you to run to see and hear the good news! Christmastime is all about Jesus, right? Jesus is the reason for the season! Jingle for Jesus is a Christmas Eve 5K run, walk, or run/walk to see the birth of Jesus. Obviously not like literally, but there will be a LIVE NATIVITY SCENE at mile 1.5 of the run. Come on out and get your jingle on and celebrate the birth of Jesus! And if you don't feel like running, we'd love for you to help out and volunteer! Hey, you. Yeah you! I can tell you're interested, so email for more info! See you there!
Race flier... feel free to share this with friends, family, strangers, whoever! (PDF version can be obtained by emailing if you want a better copy)

Registration form (PDF version can be obtained by emailing if you want a better copy....
or you can just a form on race day!)

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