Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Year in Review / 2016 Preview

So, here it is. The sappy, nostalgic review of the past 365 days, now that we have to transition from writing 2015 to 2016 (that's just the worst... ugh!). Join us as we reflect on the past year while looking ahead to the new year that's before us.

From Ft. Lauderdale...
one of my favorite running pics of us!

2015 had some highs, and some lows, and some lower-than-lows, personally and with our running. We completed our first 7-day endurance challenge in January, ran 26.2 miles in sunny Florida while our hometown was buried in snow, had some down time in spring, did a sprint triathlon in May, ran the 4th of July 4 miler for the second time, had an exciting/exhausting Weekend of the Halves, and did a whole lotta running!
I PR'd in the full marathon, participated in my first triathlon (ok, I was in the relay, but whatever!), bottomed out at 15 miles one month, but then hit the 100+ total mileage for 2 months (November and December!), and ended up with a grand total of 694.9 miles for the year!
And Mr. Marathon ran his 6th Blue Ridge Marathon, completed an International distance triathlon, was accepted to run the Boston Marathon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), completed a Half Ironman distance triathlon, earned his Spartan Trifecta, did his first 24-hour ultra-marathon/ran his first 100K, PR'd in the 5K, and ended the year with a grand total 1,426.32 miles!!

We ended the year with another first. We successfully put on our first ever event! As mentioned in a previous post, we were going to put on the Jingle for Jesus 5K as a little hometown local race on Christmas Eve. The day was a smashing success despite torrential downpours (boo!) with a turnout of 40 runners! It was an amazing experience to be able to put on such a well-received event, and we are hoping (planning) on doing it again next year!
The runners are off, jingling for Jesus!

A wonderful local ranch not only brought animals,
but brought people volunteers as well for our nativity! It was a hit!

As for 2016, well we've already made some plans. So here is a preview of what we have on the docket so far:

In less than 2 weeks, we will be traveling to Charleston, SC for the Charleston Marathon on January 16! We are very excited (nervous?) as we have some goals set for ourselves for this race, and we have (hopefully) been training sufficiently thanks to the warmer-than-usual temperatures so far this winter. In fact, just today we did our last long run and will begin tapering right now! Yay!

In March, Mr. Marathon will keep his streak of doing the Martinsville Half Marathon for the 6th year in a row. This race is always so fun because it falls right around his birthday! Last year, I skipped out as I was recovering/tired of running after Ft. Lauderdale, but this year I hope to do it as well.

We also have mentioned a little run that Mr. Marathon is planning to do up north in April. And by little run, I mean the BOSTON MARATHON! He is (we are) so excited as we prepare for this experience!

Also in April, he will be keeping his streak going by completing his 7th annual Blue Ridge Marathon. I will be joining in the fun this year by participating in either the Star 10K or the Blue Ridge Half Marathon! And this is extra exciting because we have been chosen to be Official Bloggers for the 2016 Blue Ridge Marathon! So be on the lookout for our training that will pick up after Charleston on Facebook, Instagram, and of course here on the blog! (her Instagram, his Instagramher Facebookhis Facebook) We are looking forward to starting our training... In fact, we got a little head start by doing our long run in breezy Roanoke, VA, but we only ran on the Greenway, not up those mountains! Soon, though! Stay tuned as I'm sure we will have more exciting run-ventures come up along the way this upcoming year!

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