Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's up Doc?

Or maybe Bugs Bunny meant what's up NEXT! Mr. Marathon here, with a weekend update. So Mrs. marathon and I, took off on a 3 mile run yesterday, yes I said 3 miles. since her half marathon is coming up in   approximately 45 days all my focus is on her, I want her to start her mileage low and increase it as she feels sure and comfortable of herself.  And she has proven that she can run the distance (as we know from her 10 mile run!) now comes the easy part: getting consistent.  She's got the skills, she's got the talent, and she got the confidence! Now it's time to take our training to a next level! We, as in I, had a long break and it's time to get running, and we have decided we may need some extra cardio work out to achieve that! So that's why Mr. and Mrs. Marathon have decided to take the INSANITY challenge in addition to our running! Our INSANITY DVD's are expected to arrive tomorrow, which is perfect to get it started on a Monday.  Wish us luck, because from what we've heard, we will need it...

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