Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mr. Couch Potato and Mrs. Snow Princess

So, we're really not changing our names from Mr. and Mrs. Marathon, it's just a figure of speech.  However, we have a lot to update on.   Neither Mr. Marathon nor I have been running really, due to cold weather.  I have included the weather forecast from over the weekend to demonstrate how cold it was.  It has been cold, snowy, icy, and windy.  Ew.

Well anyway, in addition to the cold weather, I have been busy babysitting.  Babysitting Mr. Marathon, that is.  He was playing soccer last Sunday, and he was the goalie.  He went to dive to block the ball, landed on his arm funny, and BOOM: dislocated shoulder.  He managed to wiggle it back into place, but then he went to his mother so she could give him a therapeutic massage because, obviously, it HURT.  Well, she was massaging, then BOOM.  It popped out again.  She put it back like it was supposed to be and continued rubbing then BOOM.  One more time it was dislocated.  Strike three, it was OUT.  It was not wiggling back into place this time.  Because he knew it was not going to pop back into the socket, we hurried to the hospital, and after about an hour of waiting, the doctor popped it into place in seriously 30 seconds.  Then we had wait an additional hour or so before he could be released.  His shoulder still hurts and it has been one week since he hurt it.  Oh, and he gets to wear a SHOULDER IMMOBILIZER (aka, a sling) for 14 days.  Which totally stinks because he can't do Insanity or run or pretty much do anything.

But that's not stopping me!  Today, despite chilly temperatures of 38 degrees and leftover snow and ice on the ground, I set off with my dad for a delicious 5.4 mile run.  Then this evening, I rocked out some Insanity. I'm pretty much a beast.  While Mr. Marathon is being a couch potato.

P. S. 25 days til my Disney Half Marathon!  My mom also helped me make my Jasmine tutu yesterday.  My costume is complete!

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