Saturday, November 7, 2015

Time Traveler Pi Miler

Last weekend, we all set the clocks to "fall back" an hour. How did you use your extra hour? Most normal people would say sleeping. And for people with small children, they would say "What is this extra hour of which you speak?" As for us, we say we ran back in time!

Well let me back up. First of all, Saturday was Mr. Marathon's cross country conference meet in Greensboro, NC. He finished off the season strong finishing 22nd in his conference with an 8k PR of 30:36!
Averett's pre-race prayer circle

Whoops, he was too quick for me! I almost missed him!

Finish line!

After he finished up and we went to eat, we got back home around 5. And we went to bed. We are totally lazy right??? Wrong! We went to bed in preparation for the Time Traveler Pi Miler run in Roanoke that would be held at 1:50 am Sunday morning. Mr. Marathon did this race last year and loved it, besides the weather. The premise of this race is that you start the race at 1:50 am, it's 3.14 miles (because the number pi is 3.1415.....), and daylight savings time makes the time fall back before the clock strikes 2:00 am, so you technically finish "before" you start!

Let's go back in time! But first let's take a selfie!
Anyway, we went to sleep around 5 Saturday night to wake up at 10ish pm to head to Roanoke around midnight to be there for packet pick up by 1:00 am. We picked up our packets and began waking up, errm I mean warming up for the race. We had to get our headlamps adjusted correctly before the run which added an entirely new pre-race concern to the mix. Once we were adjusted/warmed up/stretched out, it was about time for the race to begin. The race ran along the Roanoke Greenway, which I was personally very thankful for since we wouldn't have to be running out along the streets on Halloween night. The Greenway is pretty during the day, but it was a little dark (obvs) at night. It had plenty of streetlights, but I was still relying on my headlamp for a small stretch out there. Now, I don't know if it was just the adrenaline of running at night and being terrified or that I have actually been training ok, but I managed to get my time down to 29:36! I have been trying to get my 5k time back under 30 minutes for a few months now, which seems slow to most people but hey, to me this was a huge accomplishment! Mr. Marathon finished in 18:22, just one second shy of his standing PR for a 5k! Darn! But hey, it was not a 5k, it was a 3.14 miler which is 0.04 miles longer. BIG DIFFERENCE. And he did beat his time from last year's Pi Miler! Anyway, he placed 3rd overall, so that was an accomplishment. The even bigger accomplishment is that we both traveled back in time! He traveled back in time 41 minutes 37 seconds and I traveled back in time 30 minutes 20 seconds! So, really those are both PR's if you look at it that way.... :)

Getting ready to travel back in time brb.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male overall winners...
I think it was fixed by height...
There he is! Alfredo Garcia 3rd place overall!

There I am! 4th place in my age group!
All in all, it was a fun night (morning?) and it was a nice race. Except for the fact that we both finished in fairly good time and they were already almost out of pizza by the time we got there (I got one of the last slices) and mister got almost the last of the hot chocolate! It was an interesting concept, though, and we are very excited that there was a race like this near us!

I don't have any other races coming up immediately, but mister has his Spartan Beast coming up next week. After that, he will have completed the SPARTAN TRIFECTAAAAA!!!!!! Yeah, I don't really know what that means, but it sounds cool, right? Anyway, that's all for now! But definitely stay tuned, because we have a couple of big announcements to make....! Until next time, enjoy this picture of me dressed up like Skippyjon Jones for Halloween last week! (he's a children's book character who is a Siamese cat who thinks he's a Chihuahua... don't believe me? Read about him here or here!)

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