Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spartan Sprint + Spartan Super + Spartan BEAST = SPARTAN TRIFECTA

As mentioned in a previous post, Mr. Marathon decided to tackle the Spartan race series with a friend of his. Now, they started out just saying "Hey, it'll be cool if we do a Spartan sprint race! Yeah!" and then it turned into "We did the sprint, we can totally do the Super!" which turned in to "Well now that we've done the Super we might as well do the Beast to make it the Trifecta!" which is when a racer completes all 3 distances in a calendar year. This is quite the honor in the Spartan community, and many racers aim for the Trifecta and will even complete multiple Trifectas.

So of course the boys had to do just that. They managed to complete all 3 distances within this calendar year this past weekend when we traveled to Winnsboro, SC for the Beast of the Carolinas. For those of you normal humans who don't know what exactly a Spartan Beast race entails, it is 12-14 miles of running, sprinkled with around 30 obstacles throughout the course. This particular Beast was a good choice, according to Mr. Marathon. It wasn't too terribly hilly (or mountainous like the Super....) and so it was a fairly fast course. The obstacles weren't bad, and he only had to do burpees at three obstacles (one must do 30 burpees when the obstacle is not completed): the rope climb, the one where they have to lift sandbags on a pulley (because the sandbags weighed well over half of his body weight) and the obstacle where he had to remember something that he didn't know he had to remember (...?). Anyway, it was a fun journey and now he has a cool huge medal where all 3 pieces of his trifecta puzzle come together and give him magical powers... jk.... or am I???? And now, pictures!

Taking selfies while stuck in parking traffic! We're so presh!

Start line and random strangers! Heyyyyy..!

Is this a Spartan race or a waiting room?
But that's none of my business...

Climbing the inverted wall

Now Dasher, now Dancer!
Now Prancer and....
Climbing over the vertical cargo net

Spartan flag flying high
My little Spartan throwing spears, looking tough!
So adorbs!
um hay i'm a spartan
Finish time: 2:20:24! 2nd place in his age group,
despite having to wait in line for many obstacles.
All 3 finisher's medals and his TRIFECTA MEDAL!
 As for upcoming events, this weekend (as in 3 days from now) Mr. Marathon will be participating in the Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra and I will be doing the Star City Half Marathon (signed up on a whim just tonight!) and as mentioned in other posts, we do have some other exciting things coming up... Be on the lookout for a couple of announcement posts coming !

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