Sunday, October 12, 2014

Danville Half Marathon and Other Fun Things

This weekend I was supposed to have a 20 mile run.  I wasn't feeling very motivated, so we decided to head to Danville, VA, for the Danville Half Marathon for the first 13.1 of those miles.  We headed out early Saturday and set off for 13.1 miles in kind of rainy and dreary weather.  This course was flat, which was very nice, and having on-course aid for a long run was very nice as well.

Mr. Marathon had a good run with a friend, all over downtown Danville and up and down the River Walk along the river.  He ended up finishing in a time of about 1:28!  Official times aren't posted just yet, but either way he is thinking he got himself a PR!

Oh, and we both placed first in our age group!

I, on the other hand, was extremely close to a PR.  I managed to maintain a consistent 10-11 minute per mile pace, and I was feeling good!  In order to PR, I had to maintain faster than an 11:02 pace.  I really thought I had it, but my watch said 2:25:07 and only 13.04 miles, and my PR is 2:24:43 for a full 13.1.  I'm not sure about my official time, but I do know that I was so, so close!  But fortunately, I have another chance to PR again next weekend at the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon!  I am desperately hoping for a PR to round out my intense training before I really crack down and focus solely on my marathon.

Watch time
Speaking of intense training, after the half, we had to continue on to get in our long run, which for me was 20.  We tried continuing on immediately after the run, but I only made it an additional mile.  Then, we decided to head on home and run in the comfort of our own trail, rather than some strange trail.  So after some lunch and a nap, I continued on to make it to my 20.  Mr. Marathon had come back for me at the half, so he ended up with 22.  Again, I say, showoff.  Oh, and he ran 10 miles this morning.  In the rain.  Soaking wet.  I did not participate, and I don't regret that decision!  Anyway, we're looking forward to a fun weekend at the beach with some runner friends, so wish us luck!

Great time!  But that probably has something to do
with the nap and the food...

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