Saturday, March 9, 2013

Martinsville Half Marathon Practice Run

I didn't actually wear these socks today.
This picture is from a 6 miler earlier this week!
Today Mr. Marathon and I did a practice run (run... haha, get it?!) of the Martinsville Half Marathon.  Since he has run this race twice already, he knows the course pretty well.  Also, he decided to take a solo practice run earlier this week in some freezing rain.  Totally crazy.  But anyway, today was anything but freezing.  It was 60 degrees and sunny!  Perfect running weather.  So we stocked up on supplies, put on running SHORTS and SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS and headed out around the busy metropolis (psych!) that is Martinsville.  We had a lovely run.   The weather was beautiful and we had some running snacks (including GU, Jelly Belly Sports Beans, and Honey Stingers Energy Chews) and of course lots of water.  We were both very excited to be out running, however, Mr. Marathon was a bit sore from his 13 miles earlier this week, and as for me, well, I'm just lazy; I have no excuse.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  I did surprisingly well, honestly!  Mr. Marathon's practice run on Tuesday was 1 hour 56 minutes, but he is obviously so much faster than me.  Today our run took 2:57!!!!  That, ladies and gentlemen, is a full 13 minutes shaved off of my time from the Disney Princess Half!  I was hoping for a time under 3 hours; that's all I cared about.  And guess what??? I DID IT!  And there is still two weeks until race day, so there is still a little more time for improvement!  I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Here is a link to my Garmin profile thing if you're at all curious about elevation change of the course, my pacing, etc:
Martinsville Half Marathon Practice Run by ehgarcia at Garmin Connect - Details

Also, to celebrate our awesomeness, we went to get some FRO YO!!!!  Love me some Sweet Frog.  Can you guess whose yogurt is whose?  Sorry I love chocolate.  Just kidding, I am totally not apologizing for this! :)

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