Monday, September 3, 2012

Celebrating Labor Day!

Now we are back on track!  Today is Labor Day and we celebrated by not going to the pool, but going hiking instead.  We went to Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina, which is only about an hour away.  There were plenty of trails to choose from, so we picked three trails that we wanted to hike: one trail that led to two waterfalls, another that led to a single waterfall, and the main trail that led to Hanging Rock Ridge.  The waterfalls were nice and the trails were very tiring but wonderful and despite the severe fog, we had a blast!  We were pretty worn out after 7 hours of hiking, picnicking, photo shoots, and driving.  Needless to say, we were very glad to get home.  After a brief intermission (aka a nap and grocery shopping), we ran out of sunlight, but Mr. Marathon desperately wanted to run.  Even if it only meant one mile.  And that it was.  It was dark and drizzly (we didn't want to take any chances after yesterday's run!), so we decided to do one mile... together... just in case.  That way, he can stay on track to meet his September mileage goal.  One mile is better than no miles, after all!

And now, after some additional calisthenics when we got back home, we are pooped.  I, Mrs. Marathon, start student-teaching tomorrow so I need my beauty sleep.  After all, I am a Disney Princess!  Or I will be soon, anyway.

Time to turn out the lights on Labor Day Weekend.  Til next time!

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