Sunday, September 13, 2015

Slumps and Spartans

Hello, everybody. We (I) haven't been blogging lately for a multitude of reasons. First of all, we haven't been racing a lot due to our summer slump because it's been hot and muggy and storming and ew, which makes it hard to stay motivated and keep going consistently. Second of all, we haven't done had many races to do because it's summer and therefore NOT race season, thus contributing to the summer slump. Finally, for the past two weeks, I have been in the midst of a personal struggle. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or know me at all in person, you know that I lost a close friend two and a half weeks ago, which has been very difficult to cope with. I have been in an even bigger slump, not just in running, but in all aspects of my life. I have been slowly stumbling back to my feeble attempt at being normal. So, in that regard, I'm going to do some catch-up here on the blog. Here we go! But first, enjoy these then and now pictures of me and my bff since second grade who I will always remember fondly, while doing a random smile....

Ok so, the main thing that I haven't talked about on the blog that I feel like I need to is that Mr. Marathon is going for the Spartan Trifecta, which means he has to complete a sprint, super, and beast, which are varying distances of Spartan races, within a calendar year.

Back in April, he completed the Charlotte Spartan Sprint, which we never blogged about (shame, shame, I know). He ran it with a friend, and had tons of fun. Here are some pictures!


Looking TOUGH!

Jumping over hot coals

Victorious (and muddy) Spartans!

Showing off their bling

Last month, on August 22, we traveled to beautiful Wintergreen, VA for the Virginia Spartan Super race. It was a fun day, good weather, and a challenging course. I say it was a fun day for me because I didn't do it and I got to ride the ski lift up and down the mountain. Yes, I said mountain. For those of you who don't know, Wintergreen is a ski resort. Which means the entire course was on an actual mountain. Turns out, this is the reason that the Virginia Super is like, the hardest one. Leave it to hubbs to find the hardest one to do. Anyway, he and  his friend who did the Charlotte Sprint with him came to do the Super and brought his brother along. Here are some pictures!

The gang before getting muddied up
Climbing the cargo net
Artistic photograph of the cargo net climb

Climbing up a wall! Like a boss!

That obstacle that hubbs is too skinny to do:
There was a pulley with a sandbag that may or may not be heavier than his whole entire body.
Ridin' dirty on the ski lift
Panoramic view of the party zone
One of the most challenging obstacles

Rope climb over a mud pit
Jumping over the *huge* firepit OoOoOo So HaRdCoRe
His medals from the Sprint and the Super...
all that's missing is the BEAST!

Yesterday, he participated in the Patriot Triathlon which I will blog about soon. As for upcoming events, Mr. Marathon is currently running cross country for his college, Averett University, so they have meets until about November, and we will both be participating in the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October.We have some exciting stuff coming up, so hopefully I'll actually blog about it and not fail miserably...!

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