Friday, June 5, 2015

Hello? Is this thing on?

Ahem, hellooooo? Is anybody there? Oh wait, you're all here. I'm the one missing. Sorry for being such a neglectful blogger! Anyway, I'm here now for a catch-up post and that's all that matters, right? Right!

Busted Soles

Ok so first of all, we are going to rewind to May 6. May 6 was the first race of the Busted Soles Trail Race Series in Danville, VA. This trail series was Mr. Marathon's way to stay motivated and stay in shape. These races were held once a week for the 4 weeks in May on various trails around Anglers Park and Dan Daniel Park in Danville. The runs were varying lengths, from 4 to 6 miles each week. It was hard to tell the distance because GPS watches aren't very reliable on those trails, between the trees and intense elevation change. Anyway, he came in first place for each race and won the series! He enjoyed the races each week, and all the camaraderie involved. Fun! Moving on!

Super Run

As we have mentioned before, mister and I coach the running program at the elementary school where we worked this past school year: I coached Girls on the Run and he coached STRIDE (Success + Teamwork + Respect + Inspiration + Determination = Excellence in character!). After the season began in March, we have been working with our teammates on character development, and of course running. We had a long, interesting season, and we ended our season with the Super Run 5K as our celebration on May 16. It was Super Fun! (see what I did there?????) I was an official Running Buddy, and my little runner girl did pretty great! She kept pushing, even though she was tired. Every time she needed to take a break she would walk, catch her breath, then take a deep breath in, then out, then she would confidently say, "OK, I'm READY!" and we would take off again. Love it!

Oh, and that guy that runs with me sometimes came in 2nd place overall. Way to go... (see picture below). K moving on.
Yippee.... HAH!
Off the Rails Sprint Triathlon

Most recently, our adventure has been a triathlon on May 31. Mr. Marathon's recent goals include a little more swimming and biking, and just as much running (stay tuned...!). Anyway, last year he did the Off the Rails Sprint Triathlon in Roanoke, VA, and loved it so much that he decided to do it again this year! And do even better!

MHC Inspire representing!

What you might not have expected is that I did it too! Just one leg of it, though, so it's not that impressive. I formed a relay team with my runner dad, whom I've mentioned before, and my biking bald-headed brother, who owns Chain of Fools Bike Repair in Uptown Martinsville. We had so much fun being Team "Hulkfeldt" (which is a play on their last name/my maiden name "Huckfeldt" and it's super duper funny because I came up with it!!) and we rocked out in the mixed relay team category and placed 3rd! Out of 3 but not that it matters because we had lots of fun.  Mister placed 3rd in his age group, with a time of 57:48! Fun was had by all!

3rd place mixed relay! Woohoo!

3rd place Age Group Male 25-29

Ok, so the medals are intended to be a part of a 3-race series of triathlons and duathlons.
Each race you get another piece to the "puzzle."
But my relay team had three people. Mission accomplished!

Women's shirt logo.... one of my faves, definitely.

Triathlon: The Aftermath (even though it was just a sprint)
The receipt says it all: FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD haha!
And in case you didn't believe us, here is hubbs, showing off his FOOD (before and after).

Mister's splits for the tri.... total time 57:48.6!

Relay splits didn't come through, but here's our total time! 1:11:40!

Oh, and hubbs finished his semester off strong
and even won 2 awards for being a smarty pants!

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