Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Double Header! (Run for Justice 5K/10K and Light Up the Night 5K)

This past Saturday, Mr. Marathon and I tackled our first ever double header.  What exactly do we consider to be a double header?  That's two races in one day.  And that's exactly what we did.
The gang at Run for Justice
In the morning, Mr. Marathon, his family, and I headed east to Danville, VA, for the Run for Justice 5k/10k. Mr. Marathon did the 10k and I did the 5k.  We had heard from a couple of people that this particular race was nice and flat. Good news, right?!?  Well, we were just so excited about the flat course that we didn't even think about the fact that the humidity has been ridiculously high in the mornings.  And this race was in the morning.  Next to a river.  On a cloudy humid day. Of course. The humidity causes us all to start sweating before the run even started!  And once the run began, the humidity felt like it was slowly suffocating us.  Regardless, it was indeed a nice, flat course with only a couple of modest inclines, which was nice.  I was concerned that because it was mostly flat, I would tire more easily and my pace would suffer.  However, I managed to maintain a fairly consistent pace and I only walked once!  Mr. Marathon enjoyed the perks of the flat race for his 10k as well, however, the heat and humidity got to him too, despite his amazing third place overall finish.  Oh yeah! well I placed second in my age group, too!
Showing off his first 3rd place medal of the day!
Sorry I cut off part of my medal.

As the sun was going down
After all the fun in Danville, we headed home to freshen up and nap for a bit until we headed north to Roanoke, VA, for the Light Up the Night 5k.  We arrived in time to pick up packets and hang out for a little while before the race began. The evening air was cooling off and the humidity was decreasing, which was more than welcome! We had done this race two years ago, so we were familiar with the course.  The morning run was flat and fast, but we knew that this race would be significantly hillier.  But that didn't stop us!  Mr. Marathon finished in 19 minutes and some seconds, which landed him 3rd place overall, and I managed to finish almost a minute faster than my morning run (which doesn't sound like much to non-runners, but a minute difference in a 5k is enough!).  After this race, we attended the after party which, if I'm honest, made me feel like P. Diddy or something.  It was ballin'.  It was held on the rooftop of a museum in downtown Roanoke, and there was food, beverages, a DJ, and an awesome view of the city!

Rooftop View!

The after party was on top of the Center in the Square Museum.
Mr. Marathon and his 3rd place medal!
After all the fun and excitement, we made our way back home and slept like little babies.  Sunday was a rest day, but believe you me, we will be back at it this upcoming week, preparing for the next race, which is probably going to be a 4th of July run (to be determined!).

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