Monday, March 3, 2014

11.5 Miles, 4 Sore Legs, 2 Runs, 1 Wake-up Call

Birthday 3 miler (February 22)
Hello, everybody we are BACK!  And we are SORE!  One more than the other....  This past weekend we started out March on the right track.  We have been a little lazy lately, with really low mileage in the month of February, but we started out this month with 2 runs: 7.5 miles on Saturday and 4 miles on Sunday.  This past weekend was beautiful, so we had to take advantage of it considering we are under winter storm warnings today.  Crazy, right?

Regardless, I considered these runs this weekend to be a wake up call.  I really jumped right back into my long distance running, but we made sure to go for distance only, not speed.  I was really slow and steady, doing more of a run/walk, but I made it!  Both of our runs, we made sure to run segments of the upcoming Martinsville Half Marathon for practice.  Next weekend, we hope to run a full practice.... hopefully.  Depending on weather and how sore our (my) legs are.

I have taken on a new extra-curricular activity at school recently.  I am now a coach for my school's team of Girls on the Run!  Girls on the Run is "to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running," which is the mission of the organization.  The program lasts 10 weeks, and at the end, the girls get the opportunity to run a 5K and show off what they have been training for (and all their mad skills!).  I am coaching my team, and I am running with them two days a week as well.  So hopefully this can count toward some training for me!  I am having a great time so far coaching, and I can't wait until April 12 when we run our 5K!

Mr. Marathon is SUPER EXCITED.  He found a running buddy, Lucas, who shares the same enthusiasm and the same goal (and the same pace) as him.  They both ultimately want to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and they decided they are both going to run an upcoming qualifier:  Rock and Roll Raleigh.  However, Mr. Marathon isn't just going to run this marathon.  He is running for a good cause. He is running to benefit Team V for cancer research.  His goal is to raise $500 before race day (April 13) for Team V.  But he can't do this on his own!  He needs your help to reach his goal!  If you'd like to make a completely tax-deductible donation on his behalf to Team V's cancer research, check out his fundraising page here!!

We hope to keep you updated on our upcoming endeavors.  We promise we won't leave you hanging!

Until next time,
Mr. & Mrs. Marathon

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