Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bridge to Bridge 10K

This past Saturday, Mr. Marathon and I traveled to Danville, VA, for the Bridge to Bridge 10K.  This run took place through Downtown Danville and along the Dan River.  It was a beautiful course and a beautiful day.  Prior to starting the race, Mr. Marathon and I set goal times:  he wanted to beat his pre-standing 10K personal record of 43 minutes, and I wanted to beat my PR of 1:07.  (I'm really working toward my ultimate 10K goal of under an hour, but I'm still not quite there.)

Anyway, we both did very well.  I finished with a time of 1:04, and he finished in 39:46 (according to his watch, since the timing was somewhat unreliable)!  We both enjoyed the run, but the awards were kind of disappointing.  He placed third overall, and they were giving out these really nice trophies to everyone who placed.  They somehow didn't have the male overall trophies for the 10K.  Those were the only trophies missing too.  So we both left empty handed (because I didn't place at all... so sad!), but we left feeling mostly accomplished.  I am still not quite to my 10K goal, but I am 3 minutes closer!

Also, in light of the tragedy that occurred yesterday, April 15, a.k.a "Marathon Monday" Mr. Marathon would like to make a little side note:

About a year ago, I decided to pursue the ultimate marathoner goal:  to qualify for BOSTON.  I was really trying to make it to run in the 2013 Boston Marathon.  It was what I really wanted.  But due to a lack of training, I was unable to make the 3:05 qualifying time.  Although I was not there running and competing, I was definitely there in spirit upon hearing about the incident.  It really makes me think that I can no longer feel safe doing what I love.  But that's not going to stop me.  I may not have qualified for Boston, but this makes me want to qualify even more.  Maybe in 2014, or maybe some time in the future.  We'll just have to wait and see!  As for now, I will keep on running whatever I can, whenever I can.  And I will dedicate each mile of my training to those who ran and to those spectated the 2013 Boston Marathon.

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