Sunday, November 6, 2016

USA South Cross Country Conference Meet & Carolina Spartan Beast

As I typed this, we were en route to Huntington, WV for the MARSHALL UNIVERSITY MARATHON (MUM)! I just didn't get a chance to post it because we didn't have internet on the road and my computer was dying in the car.... so now we're home and it's finally getting posted before we post about the MUM!

Now, last weekend was quite exciting for Mr. Marathon. I thought he was crazy to do all of what he did the weekend before a full marathon, but whatever, he did awesome.

 On Friday, we both traveled separately to Georgia for the USA South Conference meet for cross country on Saturday. He had a good run on a challenging course and managed to finish at 30:57 in 17th place overall. His team finished 5th out of 8 teams. Then after the conference meet, we headed just a little further into Georgia to visit with my family before making our way back to South Carolina for the Carolina Spartan Beast race. He was in the competitive heat on Sunday, and he took off at 7:45 AM. The course was 14.2 miles with about 35 obstacles. This was a race he had done last year, but it was 2 miles longer this year. And he managed to finish 2 minutes faster than he did last year with a time of 2:24:30, putting him in first place overall for Sunday’s competitive heat. He was interested in comparing his time with the Elites that competed Saturday morning, and his time would have put him in 4th place out of the Elites!!! Um WHAT!

Then we traveled back from the weekend shenanigans and I still had to do my last “long” run before the MUM: 8 miles. He was so sweet because he offered to run my 8 with me when we got back home. So this put him at a weekend total of 32 miles. Crazy guy.

So he took all this past week to recover (don’t blame him!) and I have been tapering and cutting back on my miles. Stay tuned for our next post about our awesome run at the MUM this morning!!

Cross Country meet

Pre-Spartan (note that they are all still clean!)
with Mr. Marathon's brother, friend, and him 
The only picture I got of him on the course
(I may or may not have fallen asleep on the job...)

Brotherly love!!!

Finish time/place- 2:24:30, 1st place overall!

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