Sunday, May 5, 2019

Blog Check, Blog Check 1-2, 1-2

Hey hey hey, where y'all been? Wait, you guys have been here this whole time? It's us that disappeared? About that.... YIKES. Well guess what? 

Weeeeee're baaaaaaaack!

And now, I am challenging us to update you on all the crazy things that have happened since our last post that was on June 21, 2018. The kicker will be- I challenge us to post one picture with a one-sentence caption about each event/day in a visual timeline-like format for your viewing pleasure. Ready? Here we go!


7/9/18: A's 12-week Ironman training plan kicked off.
7/12/18: A&E run DC on an unofficial running tour around
the city after jamming out to a TSwift concert!

8/14/18: A&E celebrate 8 years of mawwiage!


9/8/18: A completes the Claytor Lake Sprint Triathlon
to get his tri-legs ready for 
Ironman Maryland coming up.

9/27/18: A's big weekend is finally here as we travel to Maryland for his full Ironman.

9/29/18: A celebrates his well-deserved Ironman finish,
with the flag of his new country of citizenship
draped over his shoulders (he got his citizenship earlier this month).


10/6/18: A makes his Podcast debut with the
Like A Bigfoot Podcast about his Ironman experience.

10/31/18: After several months of struggling
with running-related motivation for
her upcoming marathon scheduled for 11/10/18,
E rolls her ankle on a run and
damages her peroneal tendons (self-diagnosed).


11/10/18: A finishes Richmond with a PR of 2:56:44,
and E barely crosses the finish line in one piece.
11/18/18: A finishes the Crooked Road 24 Hour Ultra
for his first 100 mile race!!!!!!!!!!!

12/24/18: Jingle for Jesus 5K group run has its
highest participation yet with around 50 people!


A starts Blue Ridge Marathon/Boston Marathon training,
while E tries to walk/run because...
...E is still hurt.


A continues Blue Ridge Marathon/Boston Marathon training.
E is still hurt, but getting better and she got new shoes for her bday!


3/30/19: A completes the Martinsville Half Marathon
for the 9th year in a row.

4/2/19: E rolls her ankle and gets hurt again!

4/13/19: A places 2nd overall in the Blue Ridge Marathon
in the 10th annual running.

A&E go to Boston and fun was had.

E gets a bike!

5/5/19: E decides 10 months is too long to go without a blog post
and finally sits down to complete this.

Now some spoilers of what may be coming up for us...