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Thanks for stopping by! We are Mr. and Mrs. Marathon, or you can call us by our real names Alfredo and Elizabeth. We like to go running and things. We run anything from 5Ks to marathons (and beyond on occasion!) and we are always training for a new goal: a new distance, a new personal record, a specific time, any new challenge! We started this blog to chronicle our running journeys. His journey: from just running willy nilly to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Her journey: from running hardly at all to running full marathons. Now here's a little bit about both of us:

A Little About Him
Name: Alfredo
Age: 29
What he's currently up to other than running: Alfredo works at a running and triathlon specialty store, and he is finishing up his Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Management (which is fancy talk for flying planes). When he isn't running, biking, swimming, or doing some crazy physical fitness challenge, Alfredo also loves playing games with his nieces and nephew, eating lots of food, spending time with friends, and meeting new people.
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A Little About Her
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 28
What she's currently up to other than running: Elizabeth is an Early Intervention Service Coordinator, which means she helps the families of little babies and toddlers who have special needs get therapies or services they may need. When she isn't playing with babies at work, she loves running, biking, swimming, and exercise classes. POUND is a recent favorite of hers at her local YMCA. Elizabeth also loves drinking coffee, eating anything chocolate, and spending time with family, including her furry cat children, Fat Harry and Norbert. And of course spending time with Alfredo.
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