Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2 Races, 18 total miles, 5 Days Apart

It has taken me forever to get around to this post, but I have a little bit to brag about.  Despite not having time or energy to run lately, there were two races I really wanted to run:  the Star City Half Marathon and a Thanksgiving Day run.

The Star City Half Marathon was held on November 23, and I signed up for it way before I really should have.  I ran a little beforehand, and I was not physically or mentally ready for this race.  Also, I had not run enough in cold weather to become acclimated to the chilly temperatures.  But regardless, I ran it with a great attitude.  Until the 10K mark, anyway..  This race was a half marathon and 10K, and the half marathon course passed right by the 10K finish.  By this point my knee had started to hurt and I was really tempted to cut off my 13.1 into a 6.2.  I was not even halfway and my knee was giving out.  Between the cold weather and the hilly course, I was in pain.  But I toughed it out, ending with a time of which I am not proud.

Elevation Map of the Star City Half..... I loved that climb between miles 6 and 8

However, 5 days later would be Thanksgiving Day.  I have wanted to do a Thanksgiving Day run for the past three years, but it just hasn't worked out.  This year, (before the Star City) I committed to finding a race on Thanksgiving Day that my dad, Mr. Marathon, and I could all run.  Since we were visiting family out of state, I planned ahead for that too, and found a race about 30 minutes away from where we were staying.  It was a decent-sized, first year 8K in downtown Athens, Georgia.  It had a very small-town feel to it that we are all used to, but it was COLD.  Oh my word, it was so so so cold!!!!  It was definitely below freezing, even by the 9:00 AM start time.  And by the time we had finished it didn't seem to warm up at all.  Despite being frigid for the whole 4.9 miles, we all made it through.  Mr. Marathon finished first in his age group!  So exciting!

Isn't he adorable????

Also, I have to brag on Mr. Marathon.  He has recently gotten back into running with a friend of his (who is not as slow as I am).  Today, he managed to finish out his first semester of college and hit the road on a 13 mile training run!  SO PROUD.