Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harvest Moon 10K, 2013

This past Friday, Mr. Marathon and I hit the trail for our second annual running of the Harvest Moon 10K here in Martinsville, VA.  We both ran it in better time than the previous year, which is a good start for our Fall 2013 running season!  Mr. Marathon cut his time down to 39:31, and mine was 1:10:45 (which still stinks, I know...).

We attribute our success (read about last year's race here).
to running the course multiple times before raceday.  We were ready, mentally and physically, for the run that was such a challenge to us just a year ago.

Also, we celebrated one major success last Friday night.  My dad ran it with us!  For the first time in longer than he'd like to admit, he ran a race!  And he BEASTED.  He finished in 1:05 and some change, so he beat me!  He ran once with us for training, and he managed to cut off 10 additional minutes from the training run.  I am so proud!  To quote a strange little boy from a trampoline park, "It's cool that an old guy can do that!"

Anyway, we are still looking forward to some upcoming races.  We have to register for the Paint the Town 5K next weekend.  This is like a Color Run, but a local equivalent.  We missed out on a Color Run that was near us in June, so we are really looking forward to this one!